Vintage Car Museums

Vintage cars have always had an appealing allure to vintage car collectors. This is because of the fact that these cars have had a rich history that has influenced much of what has happened over the last a hundred years. Such world changing events like the World War 1 and 2 as well as the coming of the industrial age used cars especially, as a means of transportation. Moving 100 years ahead to our time, cars have seen a major revolution. Recent advances have turned cars from what they used to be, means of transportation to full-featured machines that come installed with the latest gadgetry.

Classic car museums however give each and everyone a glimpse into the world of vintage cars. These museums give one a unique and spectacular journey into the automobile evolution as well as its impact to our current period. One of these is the Petersen Automotive Museum. This museum takes one into an entirely new existence that started just 100 hundred years ago when the mass production of cars begun. The museum has a number of exhibits, one of them being the Treasures of the Vault Gallery. This gallery expected to run until mid 2009 contains some of the most important vehicles to ever assembled. Pit Crew docents will highlight the stories that lie behind these exotic automobile collections. Tours are offered to families, car clubs and to social groups on the first Saturday and Sunday of each month. The Art Wall Gallery also part of Petersen, showcases cartoon masterpieces of the lowrider car. The depictions are beautifully done with lifestyle themes that feature skeletons, graffiti and tattoos all done in an urban lifestyle atmosphere.

The museum tries to bring the motor sport community together by organizing events that feature sports cars, automotive art and classics all of which will leave vintage car lovers entertained and having a better understanding of the vintage car history. One of these is the celebration of the 1934 Ford 75th anniversary on early in 2009. This roadster show will display hot rods never before seen as they are unveiled for the first time. An Italian motorcycle collection is also expected to be open in mid 2009. These shows will definitely offer all viewers a closer look into classic cars and their lasting glitter. These events are also excellent opportunities to see cars unveiled that have never been shown the public by private car owners and vintage collectors.

The Northwest Vintage Car & Motorcycle Museum is comprised of vintage trucks and car enthusiasts and is open to various people that either, own a vintage car and those that do not. The museum's newsletter was voted the best automotive division 1 newsletter in the US by the National Association of Automotive Museums. Undoubtedly, this reflects well on the Museum's collections. The museum will especially appeal to car enthusiasts and visitors looking to see cars 25 years old and above. These are just some of the many museums that have kept the vintage line of cars alive.

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