Summer Moving Tips

As the end of the summer season comes to a close, we tend to see an uptick in people moving. College students are getting ready for the new school year, 12-month leases are ending, or people are just looking to start fresh in a new place. During this hectic period, it is crucial to plan your move carefully to avoid common mistakes that cost people extra time and money they may not have.  Here are a few things to think about when planning out a move.
Several weeks outside the move, it’s important to take inventory of all the stuff you want to take, and most importantly the stuff you are not keeping. It’s amazing how stuff tends to accumulate in our lives, and lugging all of it around from place to place can be exhausting. Identify everything that is not necessary to keep and make arrangements to sell/donate/trash those items. Doing this far ahead of time is necessary, as it takes some time to coordinate with those services and you don’t want to get stuck moving something you don’t need.
Once you have whittled your possessions down to necessities, start thinking about how you’re going to transport all. Unless you are lucky enough to know someone willing to lend you a truck or van, you are going to be renting a vehicle. This can get expensive, so it’s key you find an option that fulfills your needs and doesn’t break the bank.
First, take accurate measurements of your belongings so you know how much space you will need in your vehicle. It’s also important to think about how many trips you want to make back and forth between your old place and new place. If you are moving to a high traffic area, it might be better to get a bigger vehicle to cut down the number of trips down, as well as gas costs. Don’t forget that U-Haul is not your only choice in the matter of renting. Check with businesses that have cargo vans for sale or step vans for sale, as many will also have the same vehicles for rent as well (Source: Step Vans for Sale by Hengehold Trucks). These companies have a wider variety of vehicles available, like flatbed trucks, and might be able to offer more competitive pricing.